Since the summer of 2013, I have been working with the TCT network that is home based in Marion Illinois. I did an interview and sang at the TCT station in Greensboro in August 2013. In September 2013, I did the same for the TCT station in Marion, Illinois. Then in March 2014, I was guest at the Spring Telethon for 5 nights in Akron, Ohio. All appearances generated an amazing amount of salvations and praise reports. TCT covers the entire United States and 172 foreign countries. The founders; Dr Garth Coonce and his wife Dr. Tina Coonce are very fine people and have provided great christian programming for over 35 years. I am honored to be working with this network. Thanks to all of you who support TCT. It was quite a priviledge to be ministering alongside Dr. Garth Coonce, Dr. Richard Roberts, Dr. Steve Munsey, Dr. Mike Smalley, Dr. James Payne, Dr. Richard Murphy, Dorenda and so many other very distinguished guests.

No doubt about it; God is opening doors that no man can shut. Thank you Jesus!!

You will see a small increase in some digital downloads because of the cost of recording and we are still trying to maintain free shipping for online orders. However, with rising cost in everything, it’s quite a challenge. So thanks so much for understanding. I’m sending up my timber every day with my servitude, gratitude and sacrifice for the Kingdom of God! Keep us in your prayers that we will continue to strengthen the christian and win the lost. -Quinton