Quinton MillsGrace can be a tough word to get your hands around. But that’s the word that comes up time and time again in the life and ministry of Quinton Mills. It’s the pillar of his personal relationship with Christ, it’s evident in his 30 plus years of music ministry, and it’s a mainstay of his family relationships.

Quinton spent years – saying no to God. “I just wanted to live how I wanted to live, do what I wanted to do. Those were my most difficult years – years of wandering and disobedience, years of alcohol abuse, drugs and rock music. I still tremble to think of how far I strayed from the Lord.”

Quinton Mills, is a Native American Indian and a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe located in Hollister, NC., accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in 1972 after many years of addiction to alcohol, drugs and rock music. Giving his talents to the Lord after conversion paved a road to international success for him as a very prolific writer, a dynamic singer and a powerful anointed evangelist.

In the mid-1980’s, Quinton wrote and released the song, “I Found The Lily In My Valley”, which catapulted him into the national spotlight. Since Quinton has written and released many other hits with such popularity that has made him one of America’s favorite gospel singers

He is quick to point to God’s grace as what has brought him from that place to where he is today. And that’s simply to a place where he is hungering for more of Christ. “I want to grow in grace, in love, and in knowledge of my Lord. I want growth in holiness, having a heart that is more and more aligned with God’s.”

And that’s precisely the legacy he’s created for over three decades. “I am deeply grateful for God’s preserving grace to continue in what He has called me to do. The journey thus far has been remarkable.

As Quinton celebrates over 30 years in the Christian music industry, he fondly remembers his fledgling beginning in 1972 when he established Quinton Mills Ministries. “My specific calling, as I understood it, was to communicate through music the theme of spiritual awakening – the turning of hearts back to the Lord.”

His audiences are captivated by his ability to communicate with them for hours, often leaving them wanting more before the event is closed. Quinton will tell you “this is attributed to the anointed ministry God has blessed me with.”

Though he feels called and privileged to share Christ’s love through his music ministry, Quinton’s first ministry is to his family. His wife Pam, who is a member of the Lumbee Tribe in Lumberton, NC., and their son Gabriel travel nationally alongside Quinton, ministering, singing and sharing his personal deliverance testimony from drugs and alcohol. He has proven to be a very effective communicator in many areas, while enjoying the results of winning thousands of souls to the Lord. Quinton has been preaching since 1982 and is a graduate of the North Caroline College of Theology with a Doctorate of Theology.