For over 42 years , I have been traveling and singing. For over 34 years, I have been preaching the gospel under the anointing, winning thousands to the Lord. However millions of miles of travel have impacted my physical body. I feel good about the sacrifice that I have made because I have answered the call of God on my life. Plus I’m recovering from surgery rather well. Thanks for your prayers.

After open heart surgery in December 0f 2014, I realized that my scheduling had to be scaled back. You will see a decline in the amount of dates that I commit to due to this factor. At this point, I do not intend to retire. Just pray for us that God will continue to use us to win souls in this super sinful world.

My mother-in-law passed away in early December 2015. She was almost 86 years old. My brother, Murzie is holding his own and he will be 91 March 18, 2016. He is a World War II veteran who was wounded in combat and still has a bullet in his body from that conflict.  Gabriel is in his second year of College at USC(Aiken) and plans to transfer to USC in Columbia SC. for the fall semester. He is studying engineering. Pam is fine, just recovering from losing her mother.

Refer to events on our website and please come join us for worship when we are in your area. God continues to empower this ministry to reap the latter day harvest. I feel so honored to have been chosen of God as a conduit for powerful songs and messages to flow through.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST –Lift up your heads  for your redemption draws nigh. Luke 21:28. I believe with all of my heart that IT’S ABOUT OVER!!!!!!!!