The classic gospel song, “I Found The Lily In My Valley” was written by Quinton Mills on February 12, 1986 in Clinton, South Carolina. I recall that I was in revival with Rev. Donnie Henson at First Assembly Of God in Clinton on that February winter night. After I preached, we had an altar call and this lady came forth for prayer. The expression on her face indicated that she was really down and felt somewhat defeated. Rev. Henson was assisting me at the altar and I recall him telling this lady and I quote him “sister, I don’t care what kind of valley you’re going through; Jesus will be your Lily in that valley. I felt the Lord nudge my spirit and thoughts begin to flood my mind. After church, I went back to where I was staying for the revival; in back of the old Assembly Of God church there on North Owens Street, and I began to pray. “Lord, I know that you spoke to me tonight in a special way and I will not go to sleep until you give me what I felt so special. In a couple of hours, I wrote I Found The Lily In My Valley and it has been a tremendous song that have blessed millions. The next morning, there was one Lily blooming in the parsonage yard even in February. I believe this was a sign from God to let me know that he had entrusted me with a very special tool that would speak to millions. Thank God for the confidence that he had in me as his child. Countless testimonies of salvation have come in because of this song. Lily not only introduced me to the United States but also several foreign countries and has become my signature song.. It has opened many doors that God wants me to go through and share his goodness and Amazing Grace. -Quinton Mills