There have been several cancellations recently due to unprecedented storms that affected many areas in the southeast. Some churches were flooded as well as many people stranded. Pam’s relatives in Lumberton N.C. were greatly affected and some were displaced but no physical injuries. Never have I seen such intense flooding in the southeast. This lets me know that we are living in serious times. Some of these churches will be rescheduled in 2017. Please watch our website for affected dates.

I’m still recovering well since open heart surgery in December 2014. However, I’m still making adjustments. Pam and Gabriel is doing good. Gabriel is in his third year of college. My last sibling, Murzie, passed away in late August. He was a decorated, combat wounded, World War II veteran. It was hard to say goodbye but God allowed him to live over 91 years. However, I still miss him dearly. It feels so strange being the last of 12 children; but to know that the great reunion in heaven is very near is comforting.

We are in the season of Thanksgiving so please give God the honor that he deserves by being grateful for all of his blessings. One way of always having enough is being thankful for what you have. I’m amazed at how God looked beyond my faults and generously gave me deliverance and salvation.

Last but not least, spend time with family, friends and loved ones while you can. Make precious memories that will last a lifetime.  Quinton Mills