I am back on the road ministering in song and sermon after recovering from open heart bypass surgery. However, I will have to use wisdom in scheduling in order to give my body necessary time to totally recover. So you will notice less dates being scheduled. Doctors are warning me to not over do it.

This has been a total new chapter in my life but God has been faithful. Thanks for all of your prayers, calls, emails and cards that you sent. They were very encouraging. Also someone has posted a Fan Facebook online in my name and quite a number of entries from people all over have been posted. While this is perfectly okay with me, still it’s not monitored by me. So if you need direct contact to my office send an email to thelily@quintonmillsministries.org or you may call 803 613 1877.

Some dates had to be postponed so please keep your eyes open for make up dates in your area. A big thank you to all of the pastors who understood that I needed time to heal.

Gabriel has completed his first year of college majoring in engineering. He is doing fine. Pam is okay but has the shingles at the present time. She is getting better so please pray for her also.

My brother Murzie turned 90 years old on March 18th. He is a World War II veteran who was wounded in battle. He and I are the only 2 children left who are living out of the twelve that was born to mom and dad. Until next time God bless you,

Quinton Mills